CIB Director coordination meeting with Mr. Michael P. Nowacoski, Assistant Regional Director of Drug Enforcement Administration of USA.
Farewell and Welcome program of CIB DIGP
Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards बाट पुरस्कृत हुनु भएका प्रहरी कर्मचारीलाई Awards प्रदान गर्नु हुँदै प्र.ना.म.नि सहकुल बहादुर थापा
Community-Police Partnership Activities.
Basic Surveillance Training, 2nd Batch, Inauguration Photos Session with CIB Director.
Community-Police Partnership Activities.
Rescued protected wildlife and seized animal trophies by CIB from different regions of Nepal.

Central Investigation Bureau (CIB)

Overview / Background

Criminal Investigation must be revised time and again on a regular basis as it’s a dynamic process. With the development in society and advancement in technology, the use of advanced technology in committing different forms of crime also has changed as a regular process. In this regard, the field of crime investigation is becoming more challenging because of the increase in crime pattern of criminals and the speedy expansion of criminal networks. In analyzing crime cases over the past few years, crime has increased numerically and various complications have been added to the investigation of crime.

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